Career Planning


This page was created for those who want to explore their career path and the classes they should take in order to better prepare themselves for that career! Or those who have no idea want they want to pursue and need to investigate their choices. 

In each career path, we’ve listed all the related classes in that particular field, along with some majors and all after-school clubs worth exploring!

Expand your options! Quite a few experienced adults recommend not getting stuck on a certain career path, as it can limit the opportunities you take up and the adventures you can have. Of course, not knowing what you want to do at all is also perfectly fine! But it’s important to learn about the many careers out there and be knowledgeable when the time comes to make a decision.


In the Human Services cluster, you would work with individuals and families to meet their personal needs.
In the Health Science cluster you would promote health and wellness or diagnose and treat injuries and disease. You could work directly with people. Or you could work in laboratories to get information used in research or diagnosis. Health service employees go to work at a variety of different sites. Some work in hospitals, offices, or laboratories. Others work on cruise ships, at sports arenas, or within communities.
If you choose to work in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics cluster, you have several avenues. One avenue is to do scientific research in laboratories or the field. Another option is to be involved in the planning and design of products and systems. The last avenue is to provide support to the scientists, mathematicians, and engineers so they can do their work.
If you are interested in the Business Management and Administration cluster, there are many career options. You may provide the needed support to keep a business in operation. Or you might keep track of the expenses and income. You could manage the financial activities of a business. Another option is to be sure that a business has qualified employees who are trained to do their jobs. Or after years of education or experience, you might direct the operations of a business.
If you are interested in working in this cluster, you will have two avenues. One is to be the performer of artist. The other is to work behind the scenes to make the performance or publication happen. As a reporter, actor, or fine artist, you would use your creative talent to ensure that a concert or magazine is successful, you would use computers and sound equipment. This occupations in this cluster allow you to use your creativity, talent, and technical skills
Unsure of what best suits you? Take this majors quiz provided by Saint Louis University to narrow down your options!